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Clear Card by FlyCFG

Jet Card Membership through us offers you the best possible experience in chartered flights. The Clear Card by FlyCFG provides benefits and the pinnacle of exclusive possibilities to your life. You can avoid the issues of the holiday travel season. While everyone else waits in long lines, you can board your own private chartered jet. Here are some of the advantages of the Jet Card program.



Membership Options




Minimum Deposit Amount 50,000 USD 100,000 USD 250,000 USD
CLEAR Management Fee 20% or $2,000
(whichever is greater)
17% or $1,700
(whichever is greater)
15% or $1,500
(whichever is greater)
  • 20% CLEAR Fixed Management Fee
  • True Wholesale Pricing
  • CLEAR and Transparent Invoicing
  • Email Approvals
  • 50K Benefits, PLUS
  • Discounted 17% CLEAR Fixed Management Fee
  • 50K Benefits, PLUS
  • Ultra Discounted 15% CLEAR Fixed Management Fee
  • Receive a Catering Credit of $250 on Supermid and Heavy Jet Bookings.

WIFI ENABLED only on Super Midsize Jet and Heavy Jet Aircraft, and only for our 250K memberships. For all other memberships and jet sizes, it is based upon availability.

Experience VIP Privileges & Private Flight Exclusivity

Fill out the form to inquire about becoming a Clear Card member.


Program Benefits of the Clear Card by FlyCFG

As we head into the season of high demand for private chartered jets, we know that you need assurances. After all, the exclusivity of flying this way is that you avoid the long lines, hassles, and canceled flights of commercial flights. Scarcity of available flights is possible unless you have the one thing that protects you from that disaster. In an effort to meet these demands, we are introducing our Clear Card.

This exclusive service is exactly what you need to avoid the chaos of the season. Instead, call us at (561) 565-6299 , or email us at to join today. Your holidays and travel for business will never miss a moment with us. We get you wherever you need to travel, in the best care possible. We know that is exactly what you want. Allow us to make it a possibility. We offer options for your individual needs. Each category of aircraft offers access to different benefits. We partner with the best pilots in the industry.

In fact, you will save on everything with our card. You get the same dedication to service that you demand, along with zero surprises. Your safety is always guaranteed. We use industry exclusive protocols that are in place for your well-being. You already know about the cleaning procedures that happen when you book a private flight with us, but you also receive the advantage of regular bookings. It enhances your safety even more. Apply now to ensure your bookings continue throughout this holiday season.


Receive a CLEAR and fixed management fee of 12-18%.

Effortless Booking

No paperwork - confirm your flights easily via email.

True Wholesale Pricing

Receive true wholesale pricing on all flights within your membership.

Highest Safety Rating

Have peace of mind knowing your aircraft and crew have passed the highest safety standards in the industry

The Pinnacle of Jet Cards

Our commitment to providing the best in aircraft goes without saying.

Our access to aircraft is just one of the reasons why our clients work with our program to book the best flights around. We offer several choices in aircraft for your consideration. Enjoy the elite access to aircraft that others have zero ability to use. We know that our clients crave choices. When you use our Clear Card by FlyCFG, you can book a flight from one of these categories of aircraft.

The aircraft and pilots that are available for your booking with us, offer some exclusive options. Ask us about those. Each level of aircraft offers unique options for varying sizes that clients require. If you are not sure which size of aircraft you need, just ask us. Our private aviation advisors understand how to meet those needs. Some of the aircraft that we can help you book with, can carry a significantly larger group of passengers. This allows you the chance to reach destinations with an entire family, or party of people, for even more adventures in the future. Enjoy your holidays more, with enhanced access to exclusive aircraft with our Clear Card by FlyCFG.

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Endless Possibilities

Our options combine with your ability to experience the most exclusive benefits of any other private chartered flights. The choices in pilots and aircraft offer endless possibilities and options. Adventures await your bookings, with all the elite comforts you deserve. You even get the best pricing with wholesale prices. The costs are all predictable, with no surprise fees. In fact, our proprietary software gives you the best options for the cost, on top of the wholesale prices. At the $250,000 minimum deposit, you receive a $250 catering credit on supermid and heavy jet bookings.

Impress guests and clients alike with your access to all of this. Fly from one point to another exclusive location. Enjoy whatever that place offers, then fly home in the pinnacle of comfort. Have a meeting in the sky. Or take a nap en route to an important meeting. Land those deals and celebrate somewhere special. Avoid the lines of commercial flight. Know that you always have an ensured flight with us, as you experience the best in private chartered flight today. You know that you are nothing like the rest of the people that wait in the crowds. Now you can avoid the hassles of scarcity as well.

Travel anywhere you like without endless chartered jet possibilities. Allow us to create the options that you desire for regular travel. Even your special trips exceed your greatest expectations with our elite care for your bookings. Book with us at today. Call us at (561) 565-6299 if you have any questions or special requests. As always, you can count on us, with your new Clear Card by FlyCFG. It is just for you. It offers all the flexibility you need during this holiday season. Remain exclusive and enjoy everything just as you always do, with the card that keeps you connected, no matter what. Book your flight today, after joining our Clear Card by FlyCFG membership.